14 July 2020

Luther and Lewis

They [the saints] are called holy, not because they are without sin, or sanctified through works. On the contrary, they are sinners in themselves and condemned with all their works, but are made saints with a sanctity which is not their own, but Christ the Lord's, which is given to them through faith and becomes their own.—Martin Luther, Expos. Jn xvi-xx

The self can be regarded in two ways. On the one hand, it is God's creature, an occasion of love and rejoicing; now, indeed, hateful in condition, but to be pitied and healed. On the other hand, it is that one self of all others which is called I and me and which on that ground puts forward an irrational claim to preference. This claim is not only to be hated, but simply killed.—C. S. Lewis, Business of Heaven, p. 181

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