14 July 2020

Catechesis: Sacrament of the Altar

But it is necessary that you also claim it [the treasure of forgiveness in Christ's body and blood] and view it as the words tell you. This is the entire Christian preparation for receiving this Sacrament worthily.—LC V:36

We go [to the Eucharist] exactly because we are unworthy. This is true unless we are talking about someone who desires no grace and Absolution nor intends to change.—LC V:61

But there is no reason why we walk about so securely and carelessly, except that we neither think nor believe that we are in the flesh and in this wicked world or in the devil's kingdom.—LC V:82

Since the children are baptized and received into the Christian Church, they should also enjoy this communion of the Sacrament, in order that they may serve us and be useful to us. They must all certainly help us to believe, love, pray, and fight against the devil.—LC V:87

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