25 July 2020

Luther and Lewis

Baptism did not spring from me, nor did faith and the Gospel, but He gave them to me. For the fingers which baptised me were not the fingers of man but of the Holy Ghost. And the preacher’s mouth and words which I heard were not the preacher’s own, but the words and preaching of the Holy Ghost, who gives inward faith, through such outward means, unto sanctification.—Martin Luther, Exposition of Jn xiv, xv

[Screwtape speaking] Nor of course must they ever be allowed to raise Aristotle’s question: whether ‘democratic behaviour’ means the behaviour that democracies like or the behaviour that will preserve a democracy. For if they did, it could hardly fail to occur to them that these need not be the same.—C. S. Lewis, Business of Heaven, p. 190. 

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