15 July 2020

Luther and Lewis

 You must be holy, and yet you must not bear yourself as though you thought you were holy of yourself or by your own merit, but because you have God's Word that heaven is yours, that you are devout, and that through Christ you have become holy. This you must confess if you wish to be a Christian. For we could show no greater disdain and blasphemy towards the Name of Christ than by denying His blood the honour that it washes us clean of sin and makes us holy.—Martin Luther, Exposition of 1 Peter, 1523

We should, I believe, distrust states of mind which turn our attention upon ourselves. Even at our sins we should look no longer than is necessary to know and to repent them; and our virtues or progress (if any) are certainly a dangerous object of contemplation.—C. S. Lewis, Business of Heaven, p. 182.

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