26 September 2023

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

The unbelieving world thinks it is impossible to sing a hymn of thanksgiving at the coffins and graves of its loved ones. Rather, it wants to quarrel with its Creator and Ruler, cursing God as a cruel tyrant who has jealously taken from it its dearest on earth and, with a merciless hand, destroyed its life happiness. But believers, standing at the coffins and graves of their loved ones who have fallen asleep in faith have a completely different outlook. They humbly submit themselves to the wondrous counsel of their God and Father. They sing in firm faith, “What God ordains is always good.” But they also thank Him that, out of His eternal goodness, He created them, preserved them, governed them, and redeemed them by His Son.—C. F. W. Walther, God Grant It!, p. 742.

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