26 September 2023

Patristic Quote of the Day

Therefore, the faith in this [i.e., baptism], which grants the forgiveness of sins, bestows upon us this adoption. And the things that follow, sufficient to instruct us about who has been liberated and who has been honored by this mystical rite. For as they emerge from those holy pools, all those present embrace, greet, kiss, rejoice, and are glad that those who were formerly slaves and captives have become free and sons, and have been invited to the royal banquet. After the ascent from there, they are immediately led to the terrifying table, full of countless goods, and they partake of the body and blood of the Lord, and they become the dwelling place of the Spirit. And they go forth adorned like certain earthly angels, appearing everywhere and shining with the rays of the sun.—St. John Chrysostom, Second Sermon on the Newly Illumined

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