03 September 2023

Today’s sunrise

Sadly, no time this morning for our usual walk, but the sun was particularly beautiful as it rose over the morning mists. Then off to Church to assist with the early Divine Service. Sunday school, Cindi and I shared Emmett duty (once he’s tired of being held sitting down, walking with him quiets him right back down). Cindi and I headed home and prepared a huge breakfast. Lauren and crew arrived right before 12:30. Bekah and Andy took Sawyer and Oliver and headed out to celebrate their birthdays, but the rest of us sat down together to a delicious breakfast of bacon and sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese curds, carnivore cheese toast (a tasty little treat), and the fixings for breakfast burritos. After a nice time of visiting around the table, David’s family headed home and most of the kids (and Cindi and Lauren) went out for a swim. I stayed inside, playing pinochle on the iPad and listening for Emmett to stir from his afternoon nap. He woke up cooing and cheerful and we had quite a nice little visit, just the two of us, until the older kids got tired of the pool and began filtering in. Andy, Bekah, Sawyer and Oliver got back and then Pappy Herberts arrived to have Sawyer and Flynn come back over to his place. Then shortly afterwards, Lauren and her other children left. Then Bekah, Andy, Kloe and Emmett. It was a loud and crazy day at the Weedon house, but Cindi and I are sitting here silently at the end of the day, much blessed for having seen all the grandchildren today, and all the children except Dean.

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