01 December 2008


If you have an iPhone, you want to go download THIS MINUTE Advent08. Just search for it in the apps. Pr. Vieker recommended this puppy to me and I was blown away today when I opened the first day's devotions. Beautiful!!!



Elephantschild said...

What? Us poor slobs without iPhones don't even get to take a peek at it?

I shouldn't be discriminated against simply because I'm a late-adopter! :)

Ah-ha! Here it is! Thank you, Google!

William Weedon said...


J.G.F. said...

I just downloaded it. Looks nice. Thanks for the tip!

Brant said...

I'm one of the founders of iHabitus (we made Advent08), and I just wanted to say thanks for such a glowing endorsement. :) We pray it will be a blessing to you and others as Advent progresses.

For those without an iPhone - we haven't forgotten you. We have set up a blog that will have all of the daily content as well as some reflections from pastors. You can find that here: http://tinyurl.com/adventblog

William Weedon said...


Thanks for making such a great little resource. I used it again this afternoon!