09 December 2008

My Dingy David

Me: "Did you remember your music?"
David: "I'm not stupid, Dad."
Me: "No, but you are forgetful."

Half an hour later, having walking into the church where we practice...

David: "Ack! I left my music in the van. Is it locked?"
Me: "No."

As he runs back outside I say to Robert with a sigh (who witnessed the first conversation): "And he wonders why I asked him if he had his music in the first place!"

Robert: [Laughs]

Summary: We love our David, though he is dingy as the day is long and even more absent-minded than his father, which is saying a lot! Somehow his sisters, Lauren and Bekah, came out with Cindi's better memory for undertaking the tasks at hand... Which is all to say: Good luck, Meaghan!


Meaghan said...

Unfortunately, David and I are exactly the same in this regard, so I have no room to comment...
I would, however, argue that absentmindedness is just a sign of being a genius. We have too much on our minds to remember the little stuff ;-)

Pr. Lehmann said...

Oh man, gotta love David.

Meaghan, you've got yourself a good guy. It'll certainly be an entertaining life. ;-)