06 December 2008


by Fr. Richard Heinz, with a sevens meme. Here goes:

Seven things I did before (a) child(ren):
1. I didn't lock the door.

2. Read more.

3. Ate LOTS of potato chips.

4. Worried that I'd never be able to have children (mumps...nuff' said).

5. Played piano more.

6. Sang more with my wife.

7. Watched too much T.V.

Seven Things I Do Now
1. Lock my door.

2. Make molasses cookies for my kids when they decorate the tree.

3. Pray for my kids each day.

4. Sing with the family around the piano, especially during the holy days.

5. Look forward to those times when we can all be together.

6. Wonder where the time has fled.

7. Marvel at the different people my children have grown up to be.

Seven Things I Would Like to Do
1. Go to Cancun again.

2. Spend more time with my brothers and sister.

3. Master Gregorian chant.

4. Retire so that I could just preach, teach, administer the Sacraments, catechize and visit (i.e., lose the stupid meetings!)

5. Make up to my wife for lost time.

6. Make up to my kids for lost time.

7. Sing more.

Seven Things That Attract Me to My Wife:
1. Her smile.

2. Her forgiveness.

3. Her beauty.

4. Her sense of humor.

5. Her inexplicable love for me.

6. Her devotion to her children.

7. Her love for her Lord.

Seven Favorite Foods
1. Cindi's low-carb pizza (we had it tonight!)

2. Shrimp scampi

3. A Porter's tenderloin medallion in mustard sauce

4. Sausage, bacon and ham for breakfast - all three at once!

5. Cindi's fried chicken (coated in ground pork rinds - so tastes like chicken in bacon!)

6. Cindi's low-carb cinnamon bread

7. Cindi's low-carb chicken a la shannon

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. People loved by God

2. I think I need a haircut.

3. Oh, he's a real gentleman. I'll bet he takes the dishes out of the sink afore he pees in it.

4. Our Father...

5. Who's gonna ratcha my skatches?

6. What are we having for dinner?

7. Is dinner ready yet?

Who to tag? What about Christopher Orr, Michael Keith, Paul McCain, Samwise Powell, Jim Roemke, Larry Beane, and Fraser Pearce. BUT only play along if you really want to.


Anonymous said...

you can't even lie to me...one of your favorite foods is chips.
don't deny it.
just cause you refuse to eat them anymore...doesn't mean they're not one of you favorites...

William Weedon said...


Sean said...

How about you teach me latin, and I'll teach you gregorian chant, and we can spend our time practicing with the Magdeburg book? :D

William Weedon said...


I'm afraid that I'd get the better end of the deal; I'm sure you're skilled with Gregorian, but my Latin is entirely self-taught - and I'm not the best with it.