15 January 2009

About that Treasury and Youngsters...

Received this from a member today:

So N. and I were praying from the Treasury today. Some according to schedule. Some according to what she picked out. Anyway, there was one part that was listing out the fruits of the spirit, but it ended with chastity instead of self-control. She automatically said self-control, and then asked if that other word meant the same thing. I know I list them out all the time for X so it wouldn’t have surprised me if they knew it, but I was surprised that she did. That’s neat! And she wanted to read additional Psalms. Then we started Matins (she wasn’t there when I originally started, so that’s why everything kind of got turned around) and during the middle of it she requested that we turn to page o-39. She said, “I just love this!” Again, my heart was warmed. So we prayed the Litany together. She was especially excited that I let her do the “L” parts which she really wanted to do. And she likes doing the Psalms by whole verse. She was upset that the hymns aren’t in here. I showed her that they were, but that I just didn’t know the melodies so I just read them. So we got the hymnals and tried some from there.

Anyway, she came in on the end, so I was pleasantly surprised when she wanted to keep going. I just kept letting her pick different things until we were done. Maybe not the most structured, but it kept her interest. And it gives her good reading practice at the same time.

[The child N. is a third grader...]

I'd be interested in hearing about any other experiences with youngsters and the Treasury - anyone care to share?


Jon Townsend said...

On Dec. 5th my son went with his kindergarten class to visit the kindergarten class at the RC school across the street. They made St. Nicholas hats together - from paper, they looked like a bishop's hat.

He had some questions about St. Nicholas and low and behold the writing in the TDP was on him the next day. Questions answered!

Rebekah said...

Our littlies are little indeed, so we just do one of the Scripture readings and the meditation with them. Even that's a stretch many nights. But they always perk right up for the hymn.

Sean said...

That is excellent that N wanted to pray more psalms. 10-15 verses seems hardly enough. Perhaps children understand better what they're up against in Satan's domain, and crave Christ's prayers to help them. Well, of course children understand it better than we do. :D