31 January 2009

How to Think of the Sacrament

[from today's BOC reading from Treasury]:

We must never think of the Sacrament as something harmful from which we had better flee, but as a pure, wholesome, comforting remedy that grants salvation and comfort. It will cure you and give you life both in soul and body. For where the soul has recovered, the body also is relieved... They should regard and use the Sacrament just like a precious antidote against the poison that they have in them. Here in the Sacrament you are to receive from the lips of Christ forgiveness of sin. It contains and brings with it God's grace and the Spirit with all His gifts, protection, shelter, and power against death, the devil, and all misfortune. (LC V:68, 70)

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Matt said...

I think it is wonderful for the church to read and meditate on the same scripture and readings and liturgical texts every day, as guided by the Treasury of Daily Prayer.

I loved the meditation from St. Anselm today:

"And so, an exile, you are brought home; lost, you are reclaimed; and dead, you are restored to life. This let your heart taste, O man, this let it suck, this let it swallow, while your mouth receives the body and blood of your Redeemer."

This is a striking picture of the sacrament is something to be savored, enjoyed, to an almost sensual level. This is really quite shocking stuff!