30 January 2009


is an EXCEEDINGLY stupid game. I just don't get why people play it...

[Okay, okay, so it WAS fun to watch Dave stomp Jo all three games - she wasn't in the best of moods. Fancy that!]


Larry said...

What is Liverpool? I googled "Liverpool" and "game" and just got a bunch of hits on soccer... is it a card game of some sort?

William Weedon said...

It's a rummy game. We play with two decks and a few extra jokers. Goal is to have the least points. Each hand requires all the players to come up with different things:

First: Two sets of three of a kind
Second: One set of three; one run of four
Third: two runs of four
Fourth: three sets of three

First four hands, each player is given only 10 cards, but they can "buy" the discard (by drawing an additional card) if the persons to their right don't want the discard. With the fifth through seventh hand, 12 cards are dealt out:

Fifth: two sets of three, one run of four
Sixth: two runs of four, one set of three
Seventh: three runs of four or more, but no discards - all cards must play to go out.

It's kind of like Phase 10, but all the players move up at the end of the hand in Liverpool.

Clear as mud?

Larry said...

Liverpool is extraordinarily complex! Is this what you do in the mid-west when it's too cold to go out and play?

William Weedon said...

typically in the Midwest they play pinochle or euchre. WE brought Liverpool from the east, where we first learned it (NC).

Anonymous said...

My German uncles played pinochle. Women weren't invited.

I was taught cribbage in Minnesota by my Danish family. One of my uncles learned it in the Navy.
(He was in the Pacific, under Halsey, before WW II.)
We had family tournaments when we had family reunions. We are all over the place and the third and fourth generation are too busy, I guess. :(