28 January 2009

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

[HT to Pr. Webber]

APOSTOLIC AND MINISTERIAL SUCCESSION. 1. In their extraordinary powers and functions the Apostles had no successors. 2. In their ordinary ones all true ministers of Christ are their successors. 3. There is a ministerial succession unbroken in the Church; but, there is no personal succession in a particular line of transmission. The ministry that is, ordains the ministry that comes. The ministry of successive generations has always been inducted into the office by the ministry preceding; but, the so-called Apostolical succession or canonical succession does not exist, would be incapable of demonstration if it did exist, and would be of no essential value even if it could be demonstrated. (1 Tim. i. 18, iv. 14, v. 22; Acts xiv. 23; 2 Tim. ii. 2; Titus i. 5.) -- Charles P. Krauth, *Theses on the Ministry*


Rev. James Leistico said...

so the fact that when I was ordained into office, the successor to Bp. Martin Stephan at Horse Prairie laid hands on me (thus, I figure I've got some sort of Apostolic succession going on) counts for nothing? Awww man!

MG said...

I hope Pr Weedon doesn't mind me doing this, but readers of this post can see here for more discussion: