30 January 2009

Fun Friday

A bit of a lazy start...bacon and eggs and half a slice of Cindi's whole-wheat toast...finished up coffee and read a bit...Cindi cut my hair (yeah!)... off to Y for a GREAT workout (burned 681 calories in cardio in 50 minutes and did weights too for shoulders and back)... we lunched at Red Lobster and split a meal, marveling at how ANYONE could eat a whole meal by themselves (had stuffed mushroom caps, caesar salad, scallops, a split lobster tail and some shrimp with lots of delicious broccoli)... we talked about how great it is to see ALL the kids being regular in exercise (Bekah with rock climbing and gymnastics with Meaghan; David with Tae Kwon Do and working with the weights at home; Lauren and Dean with their biking, running, and she especially with volleyball)... shopping for some more workout clothes... home for a leisurely afternoon, dinner, and then cards tonight with Jo and Dave... MY turn to win!!!

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Anonymous said...

bacon on a Friday?