26 September 2009

Kinda Wiped

Today brought a counselling appointment, 4 hours of recording for Issues, another counselling appointment, and preaching at and chanting the Divine Service tonight, and this boy's voice is SHOT. Totally.

Still it was a great joy to celebrate St. Michael's Divine Service this evening - I dearly love the feast of the holy angels. And wrapping it up with "Ye Watchers" always makes me want to go on singing and singing! Special treats tonight: seeing Anna and Lorman (Joanne B brought him, bless her heart!).

What makes me more wiped is thinking through tomorrow:

Two Divine Services with Bible Class in between; quick lunch; hospital visit; Circuit Forum; Catechism Vespers; and then Youth Group.


J.G.F. said...

A very similar day here... Confirmation 9-10:30am (with Matins!), counseling appointment, hospital visit, wraps on the sermon, wraps on my CPH chapter on Church Authority, cut the grass... collapsed.

Tomorrow much the same, too, 2 Divine Services with Bible class on James, then Adult Information Class with Vespers at 7pm. We're doing St. Michael and All Angels tomorrow also, with all "angelic" hymns (Angels from the Realms of Glory, Up Through Endless Ranks of Angels, also concluding with that same great Marian hymn :-)

We had our Circuit Forum last week. You'd never guess who's going to Houston as Pastoral Delegate from our Circuit :-Q Houston in July, oh the joy of anticipation......

Off to bed!


Chris said...

Fr. Weedon,

Just curious. Why do you not just celebrate one Divine Liturgy on Sundays? I think that would help with your voice in the long run.

Past Elder said...

Now, why again is it the Feast of St Michael is not being celebrated on the Feast of St Michael?

William Weedon said...

I here you, John! Congrats on being sentenced to Houston... ;)

Chris, I wish we did. Someday we might. For right now we've got the two Sunday liturgies and have had for a half century or so.

William Weedon said...


Long standing tradition here to move it to the last Sunday of September. Optimal attendance and all...

Anonymous said...

We had St. Michael today, too.
I went to early so I didn't get the bell choir (or the baptism).
But I didn't know any of that when I happened to wake up and decide to go to early service.
(Now that we have communion at both, I don't have to check my calendar and plan ahead.) :)