29 September 2009

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

[First in a series of citations from Piepkorn on the nature of the parish]

A parish is a piece of land in which the ministers of Christ responsibly proclaim the Word of God and administer the Christian mysteries and in which by these means the Holy Spirit continues to govern and sanctify the church in that place.

Here in the washing of rebirth the Holy Spirit makes Christians out of pagans and makes God's chosen in every generation the contemporaries of the once for all act of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of the whole world. [A.C. Piepkorn, The Church, p. 123,4]

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Pastor Sharp said...

According to the LCMS, a "parish" is constituted by two or more congregations served by the same pastor, who then receive only 1 lay delegate as a "parish" to district conventions, but each get to send a lay delegate to circuit fora to elect delegates to the synodical convention. Which makes no sense.