21 September 2009

One feature of Treasury

that I love are those saint day readings from Herberger. Here's the way today's writing ends:

"Some say that in the 479th year after Christ's birth, Matthew's body was found on Cyprus and on his chest was a copy of his Gospel, and that his body was transferred to Constantinople and buried in the Church of St. Stephen." (p. 743)

Matthew buried with his Gospel upon his chest. What a beautiful story! I hope that it is true.


Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes) said...

Herberger is great. I so agree. And it's nice that like Jacob de Voragine he does say "some say" when it's right to say it.

+ Robert Wurst said...

Read a story today that many people are being buried with their cell phone. Some even have them charged up and turned on.

I think I'll leave instructions for a Matthean burial . . . ;)