22 September 2009

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

Somehow we need to say in a plain and intelligible way that every individual whom we meet in an existential contact is a redeemed and forgiven child of God. We need to make it clear that he is not one who is still be saved (except in the exclusively subjective sense of the term), but one who is saved. Somehow we need to say exactly what St. Paul sensed as his message: Be reconciled to God. Know that He has reconciled you to Himself as part of the world. Become what you are. -- A. C. Piepkorn, *The Church* p. 205


Paul McCain said...

What is an "existential contact"?

I had to read Camus in high school. That was all the contact with existentialism that I want!

: )

Srsly, what does the good Dr. P. mean?

William Weedon said...

He means a contact that is more than just an "in passing" how-dy-do! When you engage the other person AS that specific person they are.