20 March 2010

How utterly wonderful...

...to be back to Divine Service at St. Paul's this evening for Judica. AND to be able to show the scarlet paraments and vestments to Clara AND Shirley (she's not often here, choosing instead to play the organ and worship with her husband the pastor down in AK!) that were given in Alfred's memory and to God's glory. AND Katie Schwarz sang two stanzas of "My Song is Love Unknown" (Hymn of the Day) tonight. AND Cindi sang a beautiful Stabat Mater. AND Carlo gave us numerous variations of "A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth." Best of all, the Savior gave us His Gospel, His body, His blood, forgiveness of sins, everlasting salvation, His own divine life. JOY ABOUNDING! We truly missed the Sacrament last Sunday and were hungering for it.

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Anonymous said...

Where's your good old-fashioned Lutheran anti-Romanism? The Stabat Mater? Really!?

Just being silly, of course.