01 March 2010

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

There's always room for another sinner in church. -- Matthew Harrison, *A Little Book on Joy* p. 50


Loneviking said...

I really like the quotes from Matt Harrisons book. Where did you find it? I've looked all over and can't find one for sale.

Sue said...


I LOVE this little book, and like that you post a quote most days. Mine arrived a week before the start of Lent, so I was able to jump right in with the 90 days of meditations.

Loneviking said...

Thank you sister for the link! My copy is now on its way!

Anonymous said...

While you are about it, get Harrison's _Christ, have mercy._

Issues Etc. sent it to me, autographed even, (for a small consideration). :)
It kept me up way past bedtime!


IggyAntiochus said...

This is going to my facebook status.