30 March 2010

The weather forecast...

...looks WONDERFUL. Cin and I went on a run today, but it looks like beautiful weather for the next few. A pity that it is going to be rather windy tomorrow and Thursday. Running into wind=not so much fun. I'll bet this warm weather really pushes the trees along. Lilacs look like they're ready to burst. Willows have already given us a taste of "nature's first green is gold." Daffodils are "fluttering and dancing in the breeze." Spring is definitely sprung - and last night walking home from Financial Peace University, we noted the Easter moon - "big, round and golden" (any takers on where THAT line is from? Lew, you can't compete). All in all, it is shaping up to be a wonderful Holy Week and Paschal Feast - old creation celebrating right along with the new creation: "All the fair beauty of earth from the death of the winter arising; every good gift of the year now with its Master returns!"

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