03 March 2010

Once again we gathered

for Passion Vespers. Such a beautiful and comforting service in hymns, psalm, canticle and prayer. Tonight was the Gethsemane reading, and Malchus preached the homily. We wrapped up with Responsive Prayer I:

Holy God,
holy and most gracious Father:

have mercy and hear us...


Anonymous said...

Call me silly...but what is Passion Vespers? We are not in Passiontide yet so I am having trouble figuring out what is "Passion" about Vespers in the week of Lent 2.

William Weedon said...

Called Passion Vespers because the reading at these Vespers comes from the conflated Passion - divided into five portions, so it's rather long. The Passion reading is the longest and chief portion of the service.