23 March 2010

Neglected Rubric

Lutheran Service Book: Altar Book, p. 530:

8. The biblical gesture of hands uplifted and outstretched is appropriate for the pastor during the chanting of the Easter Proclamation. An assistant may hold the Altar Book for him. To convey the spirit of exultation, it is preferable that the entire Easter Proclamation be chanted. [emphasis added]

The Exsultet (pages 533 and following) is not an easy chant to master, and since it is only used once during the course of the whole year, this is your reminder, dear pastor (or assistant), to begin PRACTICING even now. It is *almost* like the normal Preface tones, but note that unlike any other Preface of the entire year, this Preface uses FIVE notes (instead of four). If you practice it a bit, you'll get a feel for that unexpected C - it is that unexpected note which gives this piece such a festive sound and, I believe, occurs only at the Vigil.

Don't wimp out, gentlemen. Sit down with your organist and or musician and have them TEACH you how it goes. You will NOT regret it.


Matthew said...

Oh my - I quite agree. The Exsultet is way cool - beautiful, awesome, and joyful. "The ancient darkness has been forever banished." Amen. Thanks be to God! Chanting the Easter Proclamation at the Vigil is one of the great highlights of my year.

William Weedon said...

Amen, Matthew!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites as well. A wonderful chant with such rousing text. I pray my laringitis goes away quickly for Holy Week!

Mike Erickson

GC said...

Totally agree. My first chance to chant this was as a vicar. I'm totally looking forward to my first Holy Week at my first parish. Unfortunately, I don't have much help music-wise, but I'm hoping my voice survives the chief service and vigil so I can still preach on easter. :)

One question -- if your parish was TLH only, and now uses only DS 3, would you use the chanted preface from the vigil (the lord be with you... ) which is slightly different from DS3, or would you just have them do DS3? Oh, by the way, my organist is umm... terrible (no exaggeration) and my congregation is not musically inclined (partially due to the organ situation).

I could use some advice.

William Weedon said...

We usually muddle through what's printed, but subbing the DS 3 versicles makes all the sense in the world. Why didn't you write that BEFORE we had the service printed up? ;)

GC said...

you already have the service printed up? Wow. We just got through Tenebrae...

But, to be honest, I'm not sure that if you just instructed the organist to play the DS3 versicles that the congregation wouldn't just do it, no matter what's written -- especially if they're very familiar with DS3.

thanks for your advice, by the way.