01 March 2010

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

For reconciliation with God and forgiveness of sins is not like color or some other quality which inheres immovably, indivisibly, and inseparably in a subject, so that once it has been accepted there is no longer any need to give it thought. But the perpetual action and daily exercise of faith in this life is to lay hold of Christ more and more, and ever more firmly to abide and continue in Him, lest the remission of sins be lost - but that it may be retained more firmly and surely. Indeed, in the present corruption of our flesh, in the midst of so many kinds of stratagems of the devil and offenses of the world, there is never a moment when it is not necessary for us to seek, lay hold of, and embrace the grace of God, reconciliation, and the remission of sins. -- Blessed Martin Chemnitz, *Examen* II:239

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