20 March 2010

More this n that

Memorable moments from our vacation:

Sailing in Acapulco bay under the stars with two other couples... trying escargot and finding that snails aren't bad at all when you drown them in enough garlic... getting David's text that our basement had flooded, and thanking God for Louis and Steve coming to the rescue again... our Indonesian waiter telling me he liked my style: "forever young"... watching the sun rise and set over nothing but water on the same day... the rude fellow in the sauna who said: "well, with your gray hairs at least you won't be around to see the worst of what we're heading for in this country" (and he was all of 41, mind you)... getting carded in San Diego's airport (take that, sauna boy!)... finding out that running 10+ miles is no big deal and not nearly as hard as I thought it might be... answering many questions about those silly vibrams... spending time with Carlo and Stephanie and listening to some of their fascinating anecdotes and talking about music... listening to some remarkable piano playing and singing... discovering how awkward the conversation can become when the second question is answered (first: where are you from; second: what do you do)... drinking beer on the beach in Ixtapo... best of all - time away with my beautiful wife.

[Pic is sunset in Manzanillo]

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