06 May 2010

Beautiful Prayer from Bo Giertz

from today's reading:

My dear heavenly Father, You know that I am hesitant and filled with fear when I stand before You. How do I dare? You know me completely. And I think about the endless abyss between Your holy being and my human pettiness. Everything I received from You has been soiled and damaged. I am ashamed to show it, and yet You let me come before You. Because of Jesus, I can come to You as Your child. Although You know everything about me and have seen every sin, You let me come - with everything I am ashamed of, everything that hurts, everything that doesn't have to do with You. I now lay it all at Your feet and pray for Your mercy. You have stretched Your atonement over me like a shield of grace over my entire wretched life. Praise be to You for Your incomprehensible and inexhaustible mercifulness, in Jesus' name. Amen. --Bishop Bo Giertz, *To Live with Christ* p. 340.

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Dawn K said...

This is a wonderful prayer, Pastor Weedon. Thank you for sharing it!