08 May 2010

I am rather excited

that next year, God willing, I will be privileged to preach the FULL Epiphany season - Easter falling as late as it does.  We'll get the wedding at Cana, the healing of the centurion's servant (from which one of our precommunion prayers derives), the stilling of the storm, and the weeds in the wheat.  SWEET!  I don't think it's occurred this way since I started using the historic one-year series.  It also means a relatively short Trinity season in 2011, with only 21 Sundays after Trinity.


Anonymous said...

and when one contemplates retiring sometime after next Easter, the readings take on the theme: a year of lasts that is lasting.... ever an issue in preaching, but this year will be the last I control (discounting the Holy Spirit and Christ's presence, of course :) ) the liturgy and the pulpit... so what does this mean? Beyond the issue of control is the thought, I should like to savor each and every season, theme and day in a special and unique way. Harvey Mozolak

Father Robert Lyons said...

Pastor Weedon,

Any chance you might make it a weekly habit of posting the Prayer of the Church from your parish? We used yours (with some edits for local needs) here this morning, and it would be neat to follow your writing through the span of a year - especially, as you noted, with getting the fullness of the Epiphany Season in next year.


William Weedon said...


Can't even imagine what that would be like, except as you say a full year of savoring. God bless your ministry as you wrap up - and likely reenlist!


I'll try to make it a habit!