22 May 2010

Pool Up and Half-way Filled

YEAH!  Huge thanks to David, who figures out how it goes together each year (a detail man, I am not - but I did think to take photos of how the filtering/salt water system fit together last year, and that proved helpful).  We plan on running the water the rest of the night and hope that by morning the pool will be filled.  We've already salted the water, so God willing we'll start making chlorine soon.  Now, a nice stretch of mega sunny days with higher temps would be great (and the weatherman says that's what's on tap - ha!  I'll believe it when it actually happens).

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Rev. Kevin Jennings said...

Heck, we're already in the sunny and close to the 90s days here in south Texas. Maybe we could work out a trade - though I could probably do without the amount of rain y'all have been receiving.