14 May 2010

Issues Etc. Interview: Up Through Endless Ranks of Angels

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HappyFox said...

'Terrorist on death'? :)
Neat interview & a great setup for Communion today. Thank you!

scott miller said...

I also loved the irony and reality of the "Terrorist on Death" on analogy!

scott miller said...

Please forgive the "on" typo

Brenda Higley said...

I listened to the podcast this morning - wonderful! I loved the reading you did toward the beginning - I think you said it was from "The Pilgrim", but I didn't catch the author. So beautiful!

I really have enjoyed the hymn studies on Issues, Etc. and I noticed I am blessed even more by the hymns in church now.


William Weedon said...

Glad you liked it, Scott and Brenda.

The Pilgrim is by O. P. Kretzmann.

Mark said...

All I'm sayin' is that this picture makes me miss my old radio days if for no other reason than Pr Wilken's example of "work day casual."