13 May 2010

+ Quentin Wesselschmidt

From Concordia Seminary:
We have just received word that our beloved brother and colleague Quentin Wesselschmidt has been called to his eternal home. While specific funeral arrangements will be made this afternoon, the service will be held from the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus. Our prayers for comfort and our expressions of hope in our resurrected Savior go out to Susan and the grieving family.

Dale A. Meyer
Rest eternal grant him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him!

He was a wonderful teacher of the fathers.  I learned so much from him. 


Pr. Lehmann said...

Dr. Weinrich once told me that he regarded Wesselschmidt as the greatest patristic scholar the Synod had ever produced.

Jeremy Loesch said...

Had he been ill? I'm saddened and shocked and will include him in our service this evening.

Although I'm sad to learn of this, thank you Will for sharing this news.


J.G.F. said...

I had him for several classes, including St. Ambrose. He was a wonderful professor. I always enjoyed his Philly accent.... it made me feel like I was home :)

We commend Him to the Lord.

George said...

Had him for quite a few early church classes. May he rest in the Lord's peace.

mlorfeld said...

Pr. Lehmann,
I would agree with Dr. Weinrich's assessment... he's right up there with Chemnitz. I do hope we will see a Festschrift.

JOEL said...


I will never forget his unassuming nature & humble delivery of his knowledge. I was in his class the morning of September 11th, 2001. He ended it early so we could all go watch what was happening.

At field work church, he normally said, "Thanks for the message." And extended a hearty handshake.

PK said...

I enjoyed my year working with Q.W. at the Concordia Journal. He was a great boss and friend to my husband and I. - Jen Lieber 1997-98