17 May 2010

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

There are people who think it's obvious that we are all God's children.  They have never thought about how much separates us from God.  But when the Spirit convinces us of our sin, it's possible that our own conscience, which is the law's voice in our own heart, can pronounce such an irrevocable judgment on us for all our egoism and impurity that we no longer dare to believe that we can be God's children.  Only then can the Holy Spirit show us the truth, the great truth that Christ has died for sinners like us and that it's possible even for us to be God's beloved children.  He alone, the Spirit of childhood, can convince us of this. -- Bishop Bo Giertz, To Live with Christ, pp. 358,359.


Rev. Allen Yount said...

Well, that blows that popular, syrupy, sentimental bit of heresy ("All of us are God's children") out of the water and takes us to the sure and certain truth of Scripture in the baptismal water.

Rev.Allen Yount
-+-Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio Faciunt Theologum-+-

William Weedon said...