30 May 2010

Yes, that time again...

...ye olde blog has had over 1.25 million page views since I started keeping track of these things.  Every so often along the way I like to invite readers to introduce themselves.  Don't be shy, please.  I'll go first to show you how easy it is:

Hi, my name is William.  And I'm addicted to blogging, study of the liturgy, running, my wife's cooking, and Liverpool (maybe not in that order). I have three wonderful children by nature and one by grace. I live with the wondrous hound dog Lucy and with two cats and at least six raccoons. I'm a Lutheran pastor and can't imagine being anything else.

See how easy that was?  Now, who are you?


Anonymous said...

Greetings. My name is Zelwyn Heide. I enjoy reading your blog from time to time, so I figured that I should introduce myself properly.

I am a soon-to-be seminarian studying at Fort Wayne. My beautiful wife Laura and I do not yet have any children, but we do have two cats.

Thank you for your posts, and keep up the good work.

Rev. James Leistico said...

Hi, my name is James, and I am totally addicted to this blog, my wife, Wii, Star Wars, In N Out Burgers, the LA Dodgers, and the Supper, definitely not in that order. I am the father of one of your godchildren, her twin, and her three older siblings. And I am the pastor of two churches and can't imagine being anything else either.
but you knew that.

Joe said...

Hello, my name is Joe. I steal quotes (patristic, new/old Lutheran) from this blog to use in the parish newsletter. And when the ones I really like get vetoed due to "insufficient Law/Gospel context", I weep. Well, I grind my teeth. OK, so I just go to the next one, but you get the idea.

JenAndrews said...

Aloha! my name is Steven Andrews. I'm addicted to Lutheran Theology, reading, reading, and reading, surfing blogs, and swimming.
I am married to my beautiful "N'awlins" bride, Jennifer Andrews for 13 years and have 4 wonderful children, affectionally known as the drewkrewe.
I'm a Navy Chief and Independent Duty Corpsman. I'm at my 18 1/2 year mark and plan to retire
Jan 2012 and attend FT Wayne Concordia Seminary.
Love Pastor Weedon's passion for ministry!

TSchneider said...

Hello there. My name is Timothy Schneider a Seminary student from up north in Canada. I go to Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta and will be going on vicarage this summer to Campbell River, British Columbia.

I am one who would be considered a newly-wed, awaiting the first anniversary of my marriage to Kristin. We have no children or pets, but have plans for both after Seminary.

I enjoy reading blogs and listening to Pastor Wheedon on Issues Etc. Keep up the great work!

Fallhiker said...

Hello, My Name is Don Losey, 53 yo husband (of 1 for 31 years), father of 2, grandfather of two (a boy and girl in each case). Navy Veteran (14 years). Church Elder at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Jax Bch Florida. Hobbies include Carpentry, Geneology, history and the outdoors.

Mrs.Bomberger said...

Howdy from wild NE Oregon! My name is Brenda Bomberger. My google tag is Mrs. Bombie...not for my fiery personality, but a moniker give by former students. I attend faith Lutheran in La Grande, and drive 50 miles for the pleasure.

I, also, 'borrow' your daily quotes for my facebook friends. I am surprised that so many of the non-Lutherans Christians click like, when they speak of baptism!

A former student "really likes that Quote" from Bo Giertz...she just might have one of his books coming her way for graduation... Thanks for all the good things posted here!

Thalasas Nymphe said...

I'm Katie Becker, daughter of Pastor Paul. I've stayed at your house and curled hair with your daughter, although that was a LONG time ago. Now I'm a teacher and really enjoy reading your blog here in Annapolis, MD.

Unknown said...

Hi Everyone,

I am Brenda and live in Sammamish, Washington, just outside of Seattle. I am happily married and we are blessed with one son, a 4 year old boy. We are members of Christ the King Lutheran. By day I manage a law firm, or herd cats, whichever you prefer. :)

I love attending BSF, studying historical Lutheran liturgy, cooking, reading, tennis and golf. I would like to love gardening and scrapbooking, but still working on that. :) This summer I am looking forward to reading through the Lutheran Confessions.

I happened upon this blog and Pastor McCain's blog a year or so ago when I decided to learn exactly what it is to be a Lutheran. This blog has especially blessed my life and I have thought about flying across the country just to attend one of Pastor Weedon's services. :)

I also love listening to Issues, Etc. podcasts on my treadmill. In fact, my exercise plan is finally on track because of that. Thanks be to God! :)

Pastor Weedon, thank you so much for your blog! I enjoy reading it every day and you have taught me so much about my faith and what it is to be a Lutheran.


William Weedon said...

So good to hear from all of you - thanks for the intros. Some of you I know well; others I'm just getting to know! I hope others chime in too.

Katie: It was especially great to hear from you - your dad is one of my absolute favorite persons in all the world. But I am jealous indeed. Annapolis! I still remember a wonderful afternoon and evening there with Cindi's sisters and their husbands, taking a water taxi to a restaurant and enjoying the night life at the inner harbor. Beautiful. Amazing that you and Lauren both ended up teaching.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon,
Hi, I'm Bethany Kilcrease. I'm a European history professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. I'm married to a systematic theologian (Jack) who also teaching at the same college. We both like Lutheran theology, history, and cats. Our cat's name is Eleanor Aquinas. We also both enjoy reading your blog. I also enjoy hearing you on Issues Etc. from time to time.
All the best,
Bethany Kilcrease

David Cochrane said...

I'm still here and enjoying the Patristic, Old and New Lutheran quotes. And thank you for sharing your time on Issues Etc!

God's peace. †

Rosko said...

My name is Harry, occasionally called Rosko, and I'm a non-Lutheran lurker who loves Fr William's wonderful look on life. I live in Wheaton, Illinois, and I'm about a million different kinds of dork. I have great friends, many hobbies (photography, ham radio, and Eastern Christian Studies, to name a few. Glad to lurk on this blog, as Fr William has been an inspiration for me for many years!

Mr. O said...

Hi, my name is Rob. I was once addicted to blogging. (There were some who called me Tim.) I have three wonderful children. I live with too many wondrous creatures on our little farm in Hillsdale County, Michigan. I'm an English teacher and could not imagine being anything else.

This is my favorite blog.

stb said...

Hi, my name is Shawn Barnett. I'm a catholic first, a western Christian second, and a Lutheran third. I'm a vicar in Bloomington, IN, but my time there is coming to an end shortly. I like to "barefoot" run (in vibrams. Trail running is where it's at! I can't imagine running on a track.), road bike, and lift weights.

This blog has turned me on to some good and useful things and has pointed me to the comfort of the Gospel.

Keep it up!

Jim Huffman said...
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Mike Bryant said...

Mike Bryant here in the very fine SID. I am a member of Trinity in Anna, Illinois.

I am married 22 years to the woman of my dreams. We have two chidren, 20 and 9, along with perhaps the most annoying yet lovable dog alive.

I work in the aviation industry and have been Lutheran Since around 1998 - 1999.

Love Weedon's blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Keith. Lutheran pastor serving as a chaplain with Lutheran Senior Services in St. Louis. My wife and I have three kids, 23, 20, and 4. We also have one dog, a half Pomeranian/half Schitzu(?) named Mitzi.
Thanks for your enlightening posts. I enjoy following your blog.

Rev. Allen Yount said...

Hi, I'm Rev Allen Yount in Otis, CO. I'm former pastor of St John's Lutheran Church, Yuma, CO, where I served four years until health issues necessitated my going on disability and eventual resignation from my Call. Now, while I remain sidelined, I'm working as a cashier at an Alco discount store. In spite of what I'm now hearing about a clergy glut and the dim view many congregations harbor towards CRM's like me, I still feel genuinely called to the Ministry, and I fervently pray to the Lord that He grants that I may do so. Your blog, which I read almost daily, remains as an inspiration to me.Blessings on your continued ministry among God's people in Hamel.

Rev.Allen Yount
-+-Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio Faciunt Theologum