05 September 2010

Beautiful and Busy Day

After Divine Services and Bible Class, we headed to Centrallia to hear Carlo's carillon concert [carillon pictured below].  It was the perfect day for it.  John and Karen Klinger went too, and so did Gary and Marilyn Mangum [pictured below].  Carlo was amazing - as always.  He arranged all the pieces he played today.  Pretty darned impressive.  After the concert, Carlo talked about the history of the instrument (in general and that particular one).  He offered to take us up the tower, but I was too chicken.  Heights, you know.  Anywho, a lovely day to drive out there and back.  We then headed over to Dennis and Bonnie Hemann's 40th anniversary party - they had a great day for it!  God bless them with many more years together!  I brought my iPhone to get pictures there, and got talking and totally forgot.

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Rev. David M. Juhl said...

We went to the Centralia Carillon once for "Tuba Christmas". A lot of fun to hear the carillon accompanying tubas. Centralia is about 25 miles west of where I once served. Lots of hospital calls there as well as Jack in the Box visits (it's closed now, sadly) and other shopping notions.