07 September 2010

Where is it written

in the law of the Medes and the Persians that only the papa can put the new toilet paper roll in?  Good grief!  How difficult is it?


Paula said...

I don't think we want to start on where is it written that only the mama can do soooo many things!

Elephantschild said...

My Dh and I actually discussed this issue BEFORE we got married. Much peace has ensued.

(We couldn't agree on how toothpaste tubes were to be managed, so we buy two tubes: his, and mine.)

Past Elder said...

From my experience, putting a new toilet paper role in is a branch of rocket science known only to dad.

Along with throwing trash in the trash can, laundry in the laundry basket, putting things back where you found them, and things like that.

And, right up there with the true way to get toothpaste out of a tube, is whether the top sheet of the roll goes over or under.

Of course, it's over. I'm pretty sure that's in the Formula of Concord somewhere.

Can't place the DH thing. Maybe I should wake one of the boys up and ask them what it is.

All I know is designated hitter, that aberration that throws off the nature of offence as it exists in the mind of God, baseball of course being the gateway to the mind of God at sport. That's FC stuff too I think.

Which is an even greater problem. Real baseball, no DH, continues to be played in the National League, but the Red Sox, God's home team (more FC stuff) are in the American League with its heretical DH, as are the other two teams to which I am connected, the Royals and the Twins (who actually started in KC, not DC).

Maybe I should go for the Cubbies, being a native Chicagoan and the team now owned by an Omaha boy. Of course, there's the Cards, of whom I hear some in LCMS are fond.

But I digress. Paula has an excellent point, which I appreciate because in the case of a widower, all such tasks devolve upon the dad too.

Rev. C. D. Trouten said...

It's part of the Dad's vocation. I think I read that in Veith or Wingren.

Pr. Lehmann said...

The Law of the Lehmanns and Persians indicates that if you use the last piece of TP, you are responsible for replacing it. Elizabeth will have an exemption for a few years, but that's only because of her inevitable cuteness.