19 November 2010

Dana Carpenter's

low-carb Oatmeal cookies... SNARF.  Her book is well worth the cost for any low-carber wanting some tempting tasties.  I was dismayed at first reading the cookie recipe, though, for she calls for coconut oil.  I thought:  don't want to buy something like that that we use only for one recipe.  But the ever resourceful Cindi pulled a whole container out of her crafts room:  she uses it to make her soap, of all things.  The cookies are definitely a huge success and destined to become a Weedon staple - and no, they don't taste a bit like soap!


Becky said...

They use coconut oil at the movies to pop the popcorn. My cousin also makes soap with coconut oil. I'm going to have to get that recipe from Cindi. Sounds great!

P.S. In comparison, I snarfed a carb loaded piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top today.

Jim Huffman said...

Coconut oil IS stupendous for popcorn. Low carb cranks probably don't eat popcorn, but they would be less cranky if they did. Coconut oil is also great for stir-frying.

Anonymous said...

Is oatmeal low carb?


William Weedon said...

Jim, LOL.

Becky, I thought they used some chemical junk. Glad to hear differently.

Helen, lower carb than some things. I think the cookies amounted to 4 carbs a piece or some such. Not too terrible. Splenda is the life-saver!

Elephantschild said...

Coconut oil is good for you as long as it's not hydrogenated.

You can use it in lots of misc. baked goodies. It's much better than margarine or shortening.

Anonymous said...

They use coconut oil in Tarzan of the
Apes films so the jungle champion can
slide down the vines faster to help
those in distress, namely helpless
monkeys who just eat bananas.

Anonymous said...

Splenda isn't "some chemical junk?
[It doesn't agree with me.]


CyberSis said...

Helen, Splenda is a toxic chlorocarbon which has been given the nickname of “DDT-Lite.” It was developed by a couple of chemists who were working on a new insecticide. Perhaps that's why it doesn't agree with you.

There's a ton of stuff on the web. For starters, anyone interested could go to the Sucralose Toxicity Information Center at http://www.holisticmed.com/splenda/
Also Google "DDT Lite Splenda" and see what pops up.

Pastor Weedon, I'd much rather see you use Stevia or some other nonpoisonous natural sweetener. Unlike Splenda, Stevia is safe, even for diabetics.

Sweet Saavy, at http://www.sweetsavvy.com/ has lots of information on nontoxic alternatives to toxic chemical sweeteners. Some are even low-to-zero carb.

I understand that coconut oil is a nice alternative to vegetable shortening (Crisco, et al) another artificial wonder-food which is nothing but transfats.

Thanks for your excellent blog, Pr. Weedon. I’ve been a regular lurker for years. :-)