10 November 2010

What a great joy...

...this morning for Pr. Curtis and myself to visit for a wee bit with the famous Dr. John Stephenson.  I only regret that we had so very little time.    His works are simply stellar - his dogmatics on eschatology (in the way of the law and the gospel, micro and macro) and the Lord's Supper, and lately his translation of Loehe's Aphorisms on the Ministry which has not garnered the attention it deserves.  And he has finger on so many aspects of the Church's current struggles around the world.  I still hope some day to plan a conference down this way that has him as the featured speaker on the topic of the intersection of eschatology and the Eucharist.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  I'm such a lousy planner for such things.  Sigh.  I'm definitely inspired to add it to my to do list, though.


Pr Mark Henderson said...

Mention should also be made of Dr Stephenson's illuminating insights into English theology, set forth, for example, in his essay 'Authority in English Theology...' (CTQ Oct 1984), which outlines how the loss of belief in the inspiration and authority of scripture has wrecked Anglicanism.

Anonymous said...

Stephenson's Eschatology (1993) and
Louis Brighton's Concordia Commentary
on Revelation (1999) ought to be in
the library of every LCMS pastor.
These two books are scholarship at
the highest level and gives the pastor excellent tools to teach his
parish about an important subject.
Our laity unfortunately have been
"left behind" the truth thanks to
popular writer Tim LaHaye.

Father Hollywood said...

About four or five years ago, Dr. Stephenson was a retreat speaker for our congregation on the topic of Eschatology. He was not only brilliant, but fun, insightful, and profound.

It was life-changing for our congregation and for individuals in our parish.

Dr. Stephenson is a churchman in every sense of the word.

Pastor Peters said...

Wil, you braggart... why do you get to speak with him and all I get are an occasional note in the mail? I am jealous!

William Weedon said...


You should definitely have been there. I'd have loved to listen to the back and forth between you two.