24 November 2010

Well, finished up

the sausage-mushroom stuffing (ready to slip in the oven tomorrow), the garlic mashed turnips (just a reheat in microwave needed), scads of rolls ready to go into the oven shortly, chocolate low-carb cheesecake finished, pumpkin and apple pies baked, five onion gratin is in process and the lo-carb rolls are next on the list. I think that's all we do for today.  We've been working in the kitchen since just half past noon, and the house is filled with competing delicious odors of all sorts.  AND this evening Randy and I intend to teach Cindi and Rachel how to really play pinochle - as they wait for their daughter to return from Mankato.

Addendum:  at the conclusion of the day's baking the net result is

1 - cheesecake
1 - apple pie with crumb topping
1 - chocolate pie
1 - pumpkin pie
1- low-carb blackberry cobbler
1 - regular blackberry crisp
45 - made from scratch rolls (10 a low carb experiment, the others white as the driven snow)
1 - sausage-mushroom stuffing
1 - five onion gratin
1 - cheese ball
1 - cookie sheet full of buttered pecans
1 - dish of garlic mashed turnips
1 - pot full of 5 lbs of potatoes awaiting cooking tomorrow

Tomorrow Lauren is bringing the sweet potato soufflĂ©.  Jo might be bringing another pie.  20 lb Turkey will start brining in the a.m. and Cindi will do the quick cook method on it again.  We figure somewhere between 11 and 14 of us will sit down to dinner tomorrow shortly after noon and see what we can do about demolishing the feast...


Dcn. Muehlenbruch said...

That sounds like I want to be there instead of here. However, I think that I need to spend tomorrow cleaning my keyboard, your menu had me drooling all over it.

Actually, Tomorrow I will join about 40 of my fellow members of the Männerchor at our annual pitch-in Thanksgiving. I don't know all of what we will have; but I'm sure if will give your menu stiff compitition.

Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Advent to you and your family.

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Fr. Deacon. I wish you COULD join us tomorrow, but it sounds like you'll be involved in a most worthwhile endeavor. My greetings to the wondrous pooch!

Rev. Shane R. Cota said...

The Mannerchor is awesome! I will never in my life forget Kostritzer night at the Mannerchor (I don't know how to add the umlaut). That was at least 12 years ago. Great times!

Lucian said...

A special Thanksgiving meditation, for all East-loving, Ortho-friendly Lutherans out there... :-)

suzy said...

Wow.I wish we had the tradition of thanksgiving here in Australia.We have much to give thanks for.would love to experience thanksgiving one day with some wonderful American Lutherans.

Just reading the menu made me put on 10 kilo's!any chance of us obtaining the recipe for the apple pie with crumb topping!

William Weedon said...


I'll see what I can do. No promises though, because it might be something that Cindi just throws together. She does that a lot!