30 November 2010

A Most Interesting Work

My dear brother and colleague, Pr. Heath Curtis, has published a book that will indeed be of great service to Lutheran pastors and parishes that celebrate weekday Eucharists:  Daily Divine Service Book.  Using the Common Service as his baseline, Pr. Curtis has ransacked the Loehe Calendar and conflated this with the LSB Calendar to provide an absolutely chocked full sanctoral cycle, using traditional Western appointed readings and propers for every single day of the year.  The book is designed to be complete in itself:  all the propers (including the readings) are provided in the Authorized Version.  The best way to conceive of this book is to think of it as the Missal that accompanies The Brotherhood Prayer Book as Breviary.  For more information, check right here.  I will eagerly await the version that includes the traditional musical chants!


Michael Piper said...

Dearest brother, thank you so much for contributing to this book. I greatly appreciate your insights. It will be a very valuable resource.

What is a "semi-double first class"

I haven't a clue. pg 18

William Weedon said...

I contributed but a word on the Apocrypha in Lutheran liturgy. To understand the classification of feasts and festivals, this might be of help: