10 January 2011

Back to Normal - Sort Of

At St. Paul's, we follow the pattern we find in LSB that the Sundays after Epiphany revert to green (pre-Lent too, but that's another story).  The Christmas decorations were up until after services Sunday morning, but when I went to teach Catechism then were all down.  It is really hard to describe the change this brings to the nave.  Our parishioners comment on it every single year.  Hopefully this year the sense of barrenness will be a little alleviated as the windows in the doors between the narthex and the nave (hand-crafted by Pr. Gleason and offered to God's glory and in loving memory of Albert Ernst) go in and are blessed on the Second Sunday after the Epiphany.  The three sets of doors will proclaim the God we worship:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Yes, I'm sure we'll get some pictures up by the week's end.

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