27 January 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

The old sacrifices in which the victim was killed are now done and finished in Christ's once for all sacrifice.  No more such shedding of blood; now the sacrifices do not die but are offered alive to live sacrificially.  This is the way sacrifices are now arranged, sacrifices in the secondary sense, by priests in the secondary sense, for the one and only priest in the primary sense has done the all availing sacrifice in the primary sense.  Lose the primary priest and the secondary are also lost.  Yet, because of the primary priest there are secondary priests.  The worst thing that can happen, then, is infringement of the primary priest.  -- Dr. Norman Nagel, CTM Vol. 61, No. 4, p. 281.

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Anonymous said...

The animal sacrifices of the Old
Testament were a foreshadowing of
the Lamb Of God, Jesus Christ, who
shed His blood on the cross for our
sins. There were no VICTIMS in OT
sacrifices, animals were not
victims but a first fruit sacrifice
of gratitude to a gracious God.