06 January 2011

Tis with a bit of sadness

we bid farewell today to Isaiah.  We've had joy of his prophesies since November 27th.  Tomorrow we move into Ezekiel for several weeks and into Romans for the NT readings (bidding farewell to the opening chapters of Matthew and Luke).  It never ceases to amaze me how much of the Gospel Isaiah offers:  the Incarnation and Virgin Birth; the ministry of the Baptist and the Baptism of our Lord; His sacrifice as the sinless Lamb, bearing our sins; His shining victory and the renewal of all things.  I'm so thankful to Treasury for taking us through this round each year.  So many gifts to welcome and rejoice in as they come day by day!


Anonymous said...

Many Bible Scholars have called
the Book of Isaiah the Gospel of the
Old Testament. Isaiah truly is the
Evangelist of the O.T. prophets
His prophesy of the birth and death
of the promised Messiah makes the
New Testament fulfilled in Jesus
Christ. It is my favorite book of
the Old Testament. There also many
comforting passages in Isaiah which
strengthen the faith of Christians.

exegete77 said...

The good news: For series A, Isaiah appears in Epiphany season five Sundays this year (Jan 9, 16, 23, Feb 6, 27). So we are not quite done with Isaiah.

William Weedon said...

Series A? What is this Series A? ;)

exegete77 said...

Series A (as well B and C) is celebrated by the Society of Holy Enlightened Lutheran Liturgists (SHELL for short).


Anonymous said...

Use of Isaiah in Lectionary

Series A 32 times

Series B 22 times

Series C 21 times

One Year 19 times

In a demonstration of churchmanship
Weedon is asked to use Series A
in 2011 to allow his parish to hear
the voice of Isaiah an extra 13
times. Comfort ye, Comfort ye my

Past Elder said...

Judas H Priest, the Service of the Word -- I'd call it the mass of the catechumens but somebody might think I'm a preconciliar RC turned Lutheran -- is not Bible Study.

Its scriptural content is not to provide exposure to Scripture per se, thereby making that lectionary better which contains more Scripture, but to allow Scripture to expose the revelation of God to Man in Christ as we follow it through the church year.

One year, not three.

As to Ezekiel -- I'd spell it Ezechiel as I damn near did but somebody might think I'm a preconciliar RC turned Lutheran -- HE ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Does PAST ELDER also enjoy the sermon
preached in German, exclusive use
of the LCMS 1941 hymnal, strictly
black vestments, and only male choir?

exegete77 said...

‘Tis good that liturgical legalism is dead. With a travesty of multiple liturgical lectionaries, it could be downright devastating for the Church. More exposure to Scripture is a negative thing, for sure.

Past Elder said...

Gee, thought this was about the lectionary, not sermons in German, the 1941 hymnal, black Genevas, or choirs. The lectionary is not about exposure to Scripture but exposure to the events of the church year.