21 January 2011

Haircut Day!

I keep trying to talk her into cutting my hair each week, but Cindi insists that every other week is enough.

For years I was dissatisfied with the stupid stuff - I've got more cowlicks than you can shake a stick at.  In the front, in the back, everywhere! Stubborn hair that goes every which way.  FINALLY came across a hair cut I could live with - the way I've worn it now for years.  Very short.  Basically don't have to think about it at all and that's what I love about it.  Best of all is that Cindi cuts it - quite a savings over the years.

So why would I want it cut each week?

The alien invaders!  They're moving in and taking over and they add their own peculiarity:  in addition to not matching in color, they are coarse and stand straight out.  MOW THEM DOWN is my solution.  I see them standing at attention a week after a haircut.  Cindi insists they're just fine.  I like it when the suckers are simply plowed under...  So I'm feeling rather content this a.m., having swept up those puppies and deposited them in the trash - where they belong.  :)


Paul McCain said...

Thanks for sharing.

My wife hates it when I get my hair cut really short. I love it. Guess who wins?

Anonymous said...

Give thanks to the Lord that you have
hair to cut. There are many 50 yr
old men who are either bald, have a
receding hairline or are follicle

Anonymous said...

To have the hair of Samson you will
need to shampoo daily. To assist
you in your combat with stubborn
hair you can use hair gel, butch wax,
or hair spray. In these frigid days
of Midwest winter you need to grow
your hair out, hats are not enough
protection. Those Old Testament
prophets knew what they were doing
by letting their hair grow out, they
were obeying the oral tradition of
the Hebrew people.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Those alien invaders are going to win regardless...

Grecian Formula, anybody?