21 January 2011


So, we're driving home from a nice shared lunch at Red Lobster, and Cindi mentions she's trying a new pizza recipe for dinner tonight.  Pizza is my all time favorite (and yes, you can make some great low carb varieties), so I asked what's different with it.  "It has cauliflower for the crust."  "What?" I ask.  "Cauliflower for the crust."  "WHAT?"  "Cauliflower for the crust."  "I KNOW I didn't hear that right."  We both laughed and she said she's been eyeing it for over a year, but had the same reaction herself.  Finally time to try it.  The verdict:  It's good.  It's not as good as Linda Sue's Pizza (with a cheese crust to die for), but it's definitely good.  And a very fine way to eat cauliflower without even noticing it.  Okay, I admit:  I LIKE cauliflower if it is doused in enough cheese and butter.  But with this pizza you couldn't actually taste it at all - no cabbagy smell even.  Now, the so-called garlic bread sticks (also made of cauliflower) did indeed leave a little something to be desired.


Anonymous said...

Ew. Gross. I'll stick with the good pizza!!

Anonymous said...

I think I know someone else who likes pizza. Particularly pizza hut.

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