16 January 2011

The Kindness of a Friend

When I came to St. Paul's, I was a young man - only in my 30's.  Now that I've passed the 50 year old mark, there are times I don't move as freely as I did in the past.  Kenny noticed that it was a bit of a chore when distributing the Sacrament for me to step up repeatedly onto the main floor of the chancel from the floor of the nave.  I have to do this on the lectern side, because there's a very tight squeeze with the lectern and this allows the assistant to distribute our Lord's blood without me getting in the way.  So Kenny asked if I would like to have a step there.  I thought it over for all of a second and said:  "yes!" I wasn't sure how it would look though, for the floor is carpeted on both levels.  Well, Kenny - creative soul that he is - made it and painted it the exact color of the carpet.  I didn't even notice he'd put it in, till I went to climb up and found out I didn't have to.  I could STEP up.  WHEW!  My knees were quite appreciative.  So like Kenny to notice a little something like that - and to provide a solution so swiftly.  Thanks!


William Gleason said...

My tired old bones appreciate it, too. Thanks, Kenny.

Anonymous said...

When Weedon turns 60 there will be
an escalator installed in the chancel
and he will be given a pair of
elevator shoes.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny!

Paul said...

take care of your knees, Pastor:)

Becky said...

Good thing you grunted every time, or he may not have noticed you were having problems.

Your friend,

William Weedon said...

And here I was ready to say that I MISSED you this weekend...maybe not! ;)