31 January 2011

So, if the power goes out...

...and stays out for days like it did back in 2006, guess what?  We'll STILL have Church on Sunday.  We'll gather and pray and sing and hear God's Word and receive the Eucharist.  We won't need heat or electricity.  The Church was here before the days of electricity; the Church will be here if we have days without electricity.  One of the utterly cool things about worshipping with the traditional liturgy:  all accompaniment is icing, not cake!  [Er.... someone needs to come up with an Atkins friends version of that.  All accompaniment is bun, not burger?]


Rev. Matthew D. Ruesch said...

And yet the bun is still wonderful...and delicious. ;)

William Weedon said...


Paul McCain said...

Which gives me the chance to share one of my personal policies:

"If you absolutely have to have electricity to conduct a Divine Service, you are doing something wrong."

I must confess I fondly recall a YouTube video from several years ago showing a Lutheran congregation with a praise band suddenly losing power and the ability to continue their service.

Electric guitars just don't quite sound right without electricity.

: )

Anonymous said...

In several emergencies our parish
used the piano instead of the organ
and the people enjoyed the change of
pace, In fact the congregational
singing of the hymns became louder
and in better harmony. Sometimes
the organist can drown out the
congregational singing especially
with pipe organs.