22 April 2011

A Crazy Evening

God added his own Strepitus to our Good Friday Tenebrae - the storms hit as Tenebrae concluded.  So far, sounds like all our folks got home safely.  Carlo and Meaghan took refuge in the parsonage for a while as it roared over.  See from the news that Lambert sustained damage that may keep the airport closed even tomorrow.  Wild and crazy weather.  Still hoping somehow that Easter ends up not being a morning for pouring rain!


Bishop Robert Lyons said...

We had an annoyingly bright sunshine blazing through the windows at the Church tonight during our Liturgy, and then, by the time we got home, the sprinkles had started again. We are now under a severe thunderstorm warning.

I see that CNN is reporting that the St. Louis airport is the victim of a suspected tornado. Egads.

Be safe!

Sue said...

It looks like rain here (Salem, Oregon) for Easter, too - I have to drive 45 minutes to attend my grandson's baptism on Easter - was hoping not to have to drive through rain. Henry is getting TLSB for Easter - plus a children's Bible. Not supposed to be thunder, just rain. A blessed Easter to you1

Unknown said...
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Jim Huffman said...

Today was supposed to be clear and warm (81) in central NC. So far, it's still cloudy, but Easter is expected to be bright, sunny, and 89 degrees. That's my kind of Easter.