06 April 2011

Second to Last

Passion Vespers tonight.  Cindi gave us a beautiful setting of "Behold, the Man" and Carlo worked his usual magic on the keys and pedals of the organ.  There is something so peaceful about Evening Prayer.  It sinks down deep.  Especially when we start singing the Litany:  "In peace, let us pray to the Lord..."

But Lent is fast drawing to its conclusion.  This Sunday is Judica and the Gloria Patri disappears.  One more Passion Vespers (Calvary/David and Bathsheba) and then Holy Week begins and the services don't stop!  Divine Service will be offered each day from Saturday before Palm Sunday until Easter Wednesday, and in addition Matins on Palm Sunday and on Easter, and Tenebrae Vespers on Good Friday.

It's a marathon of Scripture reading and song (p. 120 to 227 in the Lectionary!), but what ineffable joy it brings us!  I snuck over tonight to hear the quartet finishing up their practice of Stainer's "God so Loved the World" and then "The Angel Cried to the Lady."  Pascha, here we come!


Paul said...

I'm interested in seeing your version of Tenebrae Vespers.

Pastor Peters said...

Do you mean Stainer's God So Loved the World? I am unfamiliar with Steiner's?

William Weedon said...


Straight out of LSB's Altar Book.


Oops. Yes, Stainer's!