10 April 2011

Whew...it worked!

That is, it all came together and was relatively warm as it was served, and it sure did disappear!  The hash brown casserole was a serious hit - and I was told by several that that needs to appear again.  It was actually the simplest part of the whole meal!  Only serious oops was I forgot that I had already mixed up a dozen eggs and stuck them in the fridge, so I mixed up another batch and cooked those.  I suppose we'll be eating scrambled eggs for a bit.  I don't guess they go bad after they've been stirred up but not cooked?  We'll see...

What joy it was, though, to have ten of us sit down to Cindi's birthday dinner (yeah, she'll be 51 on Tuesday.  How on earth did I get hitched up with SUCH an older woman?).  Bekah had bought her some lovely flowers to grace the table.  I absolutely treasure those days when the whole family is here, and wish we had them more often.  David and Meaghan helped with getting stuff underway, and Bekah and Lauren took care of the clean up, bless their hearts! ("Daddy, you made a MESS" - Bekah accurately observed).


Rev. James Leistico said...

if not for the kids cleaning up after you, your plan to never prepare meals for Cindi ever again might have worked.

Anonymous said...

In the language of our current
culture, William Weedon married a
Cougar/Cindi. This happens when
a younger man marries an older