20 April 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

How can one who is Reformed say Amen to the Lutheran distribution formula?  He must take offense at it.  Who gives us the right to mislead someone into an unworthy reception of the Lord's Supper in that he does not discern the body of the Lord (1 Cor. 11:29), and to whom would we want to be accountable for it?  Is that Christian love? -- Hermann Sasse, *We Confess:  the Sacraments* p. 111.


Rev. Allen Bergstrazer said...

Dr. Rosenblat used to tease his reformed friends by asking if in distribution they shouldn't ought to say 'this is the body and blood of Christ given and shed for some of you.'

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me who was the first to speak of the “body” in 1 Cor. 11:29 as the sacramental body rather than the spiritual body of our Lord? So far I have found one such use by C. F. W. Walther, but I have no resources for finding any earlier ones. I do know that our Confessions, when quoting this passage, do not do so in a way that touches on this question.

Peace and Joy!
George A. Marquart